Meet Misty!!!

Hey There!!! I am thrilled about all the Lord has in store for 2021 and the FUN we will have.

A Few facts about me:

1. I had zero desire to go to college but am so glad I graduated in 2010 from Dallas Baptist University with a degree in Communications.

2. I tend to have an introverted personality. I love quiet and clean spaces to recharge.

3. I love tea from H tea O and Chick Fil A!

4. We have 4 children. Eberley (5), Sage (3), Callaghan (2), and Denver(Due Feb 2021).

5. I prefer watching baseball over football!

6. I started Eberley Brooks Events in 2016 after seeing a need in Lubbock for an outdoor/indoor venue option.

7. My husband and I will celebrate 11 years of marriage in May 2021.

8. I am a DOG LOVER -- Especially my dogs. We have two labradors: Trigger and Claire, and they are the absolute best! If you need to distract me, all you have to do is send a dog my way. I am sure to stop and have a full-blown conversation with it!

9. One of my biggest frustrations/pet peeves is when people degrade Marriage and Kids. They are both huge life changes that take work, but people don't talk about the blessings they bring often enough. Austin and I married in 2010 and had Eberley in 2015, while we would not trade the 5 years without kids. -- we would both say that kids bring the biggest, most unexpected blessings to our lives every day! Yes, marriage and kids take intentional work, but they are both well worth it!

10. The Lord gave me the word "FUN" as my word of the year. It seems random, but after 2020 I truly felt like the "fun" was sucked out of most people. From hosting events to playdates with my kids - we were all limited and restricted on what kind of "fun" we could have. It is my prayer that not only do we help bring "fun" back into event planning but look for opportunities to have "fun" with our families and friends, even while treading new waters!

For His Glory

Misty B.